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What Sunglasses Does Ab-Soul Wear?

Ab-Soul, a hip-hop artist from California, recently announced the YMF tour with Little Simz. The tour, named after the last track on his latest album “Do What Thou Wilt,” kicks off April 12th and with it comes his signature…

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Sunglasses Street Style for September 2016

September 2016 and that means its time for fall. This may be the best season to choose your best and favorite outfit – as always – the one thing to complete any look is the perfect pair of sunglasses.…

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What Men’s Sunglasses Are in Style 2016 ?

While some trends never die and always in style, I.E. AVIATOR SUNGLASSES & WAYFARER SUNGLASSES, the best men’s style in sunglasses for 2016 so far, for the most part, has been the round shape shades. Putting on a round…