• What Sunglasses Does Brody Jenner Wear?

        Brody Jenner has created a magic trend in the youth with his high quality fashionable design sunglasses. The ranges of sunglasses, which he uses, are not from the set of boring ones of the market. Every brand which he uses is unique and adds a special statement to the fashion world. His gentle attitude as well as his style is quite expressive through his  [ Read More ]

  • Are Oakley Sunglasses Made In China?

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  • Costa Del Mar Review 580

      Ever since Costa Sunglasses, Inc. introduced the Costa Del Mar 580 pair of sunglasses to the world, in 2000, they have never looked back! Numerous customers continue to vouch for its fine quality and excellent protection against the harsh glare of the sun. Logically, every brand of sunglasses is designed to keep the eyes concealed from the negative effect of the sun’s UV rays;  [ Read More ]

  • Difference Between Costa Del Mar Plastic & Glass Lenses

      Costa Del Mar is undoubtedly one of the finest manufacturers of glasses which are primarily used for all types of underwater activities and fishing.  Their anti-glare feature is the best in their class and is considered to be the sole reason for the company’s grand success. Costa Del Mar has two structural varieties- plastic and glass. Both the varieties have their own benefits and  [ Read More ]

  • Difference Between Oakley Radar And Radarlock

    It cannot be denied that the wearer of an Oakley pair of sunglasses attracts attention wherever he/she goes. Onlookers cannot help giving envious looks, and going, “Wow!” However, the sporting profession has benefitted the most from this Company. For decades, Oakley has devoted itself to manufacturing all kinds of sports glasses for athletes to wear on the field and off the field. Amongst the varied  [ Read More ]