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What Sunglasses Does Sebastian Vettel Wear?

If you landed on this page, you’re probably searching for or wondering what sunglasses Sebastian Vettel wears. If you happen to land here by chance and wondering who Sebastian Vettel is – he is world class top ranked Formula…

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What Oakleys Do Marines Wear?

Marines are required to wear sunglasses. The deployed troops are allowed to wear protective eye wear that is from the approved Authorized Protective Eyewear List (APEL). The list contains 20 to 30 different models, and has different varieties, such as…

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Oakley Sunglasses for A Narrow Face

Buying sunglasses can be a bit tricky, as one need to take into account several factors, such as age, hair color and face shape. Knowing your face shape is important because it will help you to find a pair…

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Ray-Ban Clubmaster Review

For decades, Ray-Ban has kept redefining eyewear trends, with the ideal comfort and unmatchable quality. Perhaps the most popular of all their sunglasses is the retro inspired Clubmaster. The Ray-Ban Clubmaster classic, with its timeless design inspired by the…

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Tom Brady Sunglasses Style

Tom Brady is hardly ever spotted in daylight without a pair of one of his favorite sunglasses. It might be those celebrity looks, but let’s face it; Tom always pulls off the right style, without ever failing to make…

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What Color Polarized Lenses Are Best For Fishing?

Polarized Fishing Glasses Choosing a pair of polarized fishing sunglasses is very important, because it helps in cutting glare and protects the eyes against sunlight, eye burn, and UV rays. Some of the advantages of polarized fishing glasses are:…

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Oakley Sunglasses For A Square Face

Before buying sunglasses, it is important that you know your face shape. This article will help people who have a square shaped face to pick a perfect pair of sunglasses: What is a Square Shaped Face? People with a…