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Top 5 Sunglasses Styles for Guys

When it comes to sunglasses, there are 5 styles that every guy needs to wear, at least have a pair in his collection / rotation. We put together the top 5 styles for you, guys. Check out the video…

Style & Trends

Gigi Hadid is All About KREWE Sunglasses

Thanks to fashion sites, the paparazzi, movies and music videos, and countless interviews and photo-shoots, it’s no secret that many of today’s celebrities are well stocked when it comes to the items that they have in their closets. Individuals…

ray ban prescription lenses

How Much Do Ray-Ban Prescription Lenses Cost ?

Looking for Ray-Ban prescription lenses? At we can make prescription lenses for your Ray-Ban sunglasses. Keep in mind, when you get Ray-Ban prescription lenses, you actually replace the current lenses that come with your Ray-Ban sunglasses for new…

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Michael Kors Aviator Sunglasses – Top 5

Looking to buy a pair of aviator sunglasses? What about Michael Kors Aviator sunglasses? Let’s list what we at consider the top 5 Michael Kors aviator sunglasses. Some of these styles are to die for and just great…