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Sunglasses Faceoff

Randolph Engineering sunglasses
Sunglasses Faceoff

Ray-Ban vs. Randolph Engineering Sunglasses

Ray-Ban debuted with its classic pair of aviator sunglasses in the year 1937. They were initially designed for and distributed amongst World War II fighter pilots. These sunglasses gave them better protection when it came to flying in extremely…

ray ban shooters vs ray ban outdoorsman
Sunglasses Faceoff

Comparing the Ray-Ban Shooter vs. Outdoorsman

When it comes to these two iconic Ray-Ban aviator styles, the Ray-Ban SHOOTER and the Ray-Ban OUTDOORSMAN have some similarities and some differences. Both are amazingly stylish sunglasses with a classic look. Let’s take a close look at these…

Oakley vs Costa Del Mar Sunglasses
Sunglasses Faceoff

Oakley vs. Costa Del Mar Sunglasses

When buying sunglasses, it is recommended that you go for high quality ones, like an Oakley or a Costa Del Mar. A lot of people wonder which one is a better choice out of these two. When it comes…