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acuvue contact lenses review

Acuvue Contact Lenses Review

Eyewear is something which requires extensive research and careful evaluation before being chosen by an individual for regular use, as it has a significant impact on the ability of sight of a person. Contact lenses are a very popular…

top restaurants bars 2013

The Top Restaurants and Bars of 2013 to Go To

Summer is on its way, and the evenings are getting longer. Without the hassle of dealing with cold or foul weather, more people’s thoughts turn to spending time with friends or with someone special having an enjoyable dinner out.…

sunglasses hanging

How to Organize Your Sunglasses and Accessories

Theres plenty ways of organizing your sunglasses – here at ShadesDaddy, we have an easy and effective way for you to organize your sunglasses by simple putting them on a hanger. You must do this carefully to ensure theres…

bruce lee sunglasses aviators

Bruce Lee: A Tribute to Style for No Reason

Sitting at home browsing through channels I stumbled upon a Bruce Lee documentary. I’ve always had admiration for Bruce Lee, for no specific reason other than the fact that he mastered his art and was a very smart dude.…