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Difference between Oakley M Frame & Oakley M2 Sunglasses

The M2 Oakley frames are an evolution of the M frames designed by Oakley since the 90s. From the time it has been launched in the market Oakley has brought about numerous changes in its signature M frames. They have tried to match their products with the current market trends and every time their products have been well accepted by people. In fact, to be precise the M frame lines from Oakley has been in production for the last 25 years.

oakley m2 frame

The OAKLEY M2 Frame

The M frames were designed by Oakley keeping in mind the demands of the industrialized world. M frames were a way to give protection to heavy industries as well as to those involved in home repairs. While the M2 frames were a military specific release and it is more of a Ballistic model. The intent of M2 was to provide an eye package which fits well inside helmets and also has less wraps to the stems so that one can use them easily.

One of the most significant features of M2 frames is that it is one step ahead in its style and trendiness. Unlike M frames it has the new ear stem sculpturing and wraparound Unobtainium ear socks. Besides these features, the new generation M line frames from Oakley has nose bombs made of the same sure-grip material.


The M frames that were known for its durability and comfort have gone a step ahead in adding more of comfort and durability to the new M2 frames. Both M and M2 frames are equally known for their clarity in vision.

Another additional feature that has been added to M2 frames are the Iridium coating on the lenses. It has been designed in such a way that it reduces glare and light transmission to a large extent. This premium coating of the lenses is made with superheated metal oxides. The Iridium coating of lenses is available in a spectrum of colors that has the capacity to optimize vision in almost all light conditions.

A few other physical differences which one might notice between Oakley M and M2 frames are the following:

  • The M2 frame has an essentially straight stem that can keep the temples less bulky and fits better under helmets or straps
  • In Oakley M2 frames the bottom of the lenses has a higher cheekbone cut out when compared to the M frames
  • On the whole the M2 frames have a better fit than the original M frames

However, both M and M2 frames by Oakley are an astounding evolution in the world of sunglasses. The kind of comfort and protection, these sunglasses offer is amazing. If you want to get one of the latest Oakley M line frames you could try out SHOP OUR OAKLEY SELECTION NOW!

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