Difference between Transition Lenses vs. Progressive Lenses

Are you aware of the differences between transition and progressive lenses?

Eyesight being one of the most important and treasured senses of mankind, requires delicate care and attention. To ensure a safe and sound care of one’s eyes, it is very important to use the prescribed eye lenses for clear vision. Appropriate eyewear is essential for the proper vision of an individual.

Some individuals suffer from different sight disorders, which hamper their vision, and hinder them from enjoying the various beauties of life. Different varieties of lenses and eyeglass frames have been manufactured for the convenience of the individuals, who require special care for their eyes. These lenses serve to cater to the needs of the user, and ensure clear and unhampered vision, for enjoying the multiple charms of life.

Transition and progressive lenses, are special type of eye-lenses, which are prescribed and used by individuals, who have special eyesight needs.

Progressive Lenses

Progressive lenses are also called as progressive addition lenses, which serve as the perfect alternative for individuals who require special bifocal or other lens for a clear vision. These lenses have been specially designed for the use of individuals who are not satisfied with the results of the prescribed bifocal lens, and require a much trendier and useful alternative.

Progressive lens are designed to have a low power density at the top of the lens, which gradually increases and reaches the maximum power gradient at the bottom of the lens. This assists the individuals who require bifocal or trifocal lens in their eyewear, for un-blurred vision.

Progressive lenses have a gradual curvature in the middle, quite different from the obvious line effect in regular bifocal lenses. These lenses also ensure better vision, as they have specially designed features, which let the eye focus easily on near and far objects easily. They are preferred compared to bifocal lenses, because of being more stylish and presenting a trendier effect.

Transition Lenses – Buy Transition Lenses

transition lenses

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Transition lenses are also called as photochromic lenses, which are used by individuals who want to protect their eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. The transition lenses are specially designed and manufactured to adopt a darker lens hue, when exposed to sunlight. The dark lens prevents the penetration of the ultra violet light into the eyes of the individual, protecting them from any harmful effects.

These lenses have a trait of turning gradually back into a clear lens state, when the individual moves from a sunlit area to a room indoors. It takes the lens only a few minutes to turn from a darker hue to a clear one, which facilitates the user to use the same eyewear both indoors and outdoors.

These lenses are a two in one solution for individuals who don’t want the hassle of changing their eyewear every time they venture out for work, or slip indoors. The transition lens turn darker, depending upon the level of UV light in the surrounding, which ensure maximum protection for the user in all circumstances. They are highly impact resistant and a durable option of eyewear for kids. Transition lenses are also available in combination with progressive lens features, for the convenience of the different individuals.

Both these lenses are used by individuals depending upon their need for clear vision, and a doctor’s prescription.



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