Do Sunglasses Block UV Rays?

Are you wondering if sunglasses provide protection from ultra violet rays?

Though sunglasses were originally designed to provide protection from the blinding glares of the sun, and ensure better visibility when outdoors, that does not necessarily mean that all of them also ensure ultra violet protection.  Regular sunglasses do not offer the protection from ultra violet light. In order to guard one’s eyes from the detrimental effects of the UV radiations, it is necessary for an individual to use special sunglass lenses with ensure maximum protection for the eyes.

do sunglasses block uv rays

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It is important, when purchasing a pair of sunglasses, to make sure that they offer efficient protection from the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun.

Choose Wisely

Not all sunglasses offer UV protection, therefore it is wise to first determine and then choose a pair, which offers 100% protection to the eyes. The color of the sunglass lens is not evidence to the fact that it provides UV protection. A dark sunglass lens might offer better visibility or glare protection, but that does not necessarily verify that it has been properly UV treated, to provide maximum shield protection against the sun.

While ultra violet light is harmful for the skin, it might also result in very dangerous and painful medical conditions which affect the visibility and eyes of an individual. Doctors have estimated that prolonged exposure to UV light increases the risk of an individual to suffer from cataract, glaucoma, photokeratitis, pingueculae, pterygia and macular degeneration etc., which highlights the importance of suitable protection from the harmful ultra violet rays.

Importance of UV Protection Sunglasses

Doctors emphasize protection from ultra violet light, especially for the eyes, as they increase the probability of contracting different dangerous problems and medical conditions, which hamper the visibility of the individual, and sometimes result in more acute trouble.

Regular sunglasses do not prevent the UV light from penetrating through the lenses. This light has the potential to damage the cornea, eye lids, eye lens, retina and optic nerves, which causes severe visibility problems, and in some cases with prolonged exposure, even loss of eyesight.

At higher altitudes, and at certain times of the day, the sunlight not only plays tricks with your eyes, but also poses a great threat of serious exposure, if not protected through the use of adequate means. Sunglasses with 100% efficient UV protection lenses are essential to shield and guard the eyes of an individual effectively, from the detrimental effects. Wraparound sunglasses, with UV protection lenses, are a comfortable and highly effective option for protecting the eyes from every possible angle from sunlight.

Sunglasses with large eye frames ensure better protection to the eyes, from the reflected or direct ultra violet light from any angle and direction.

For individuals who spend a considerable amount of time outdoors, it is necessary to use sunglasses with lenses which provide maximum ultra violet protection, to prevent prolonged exposure to the harmful rays. Adults, as well as children, need to use adequate eyewear when outdoors, to minimize the risk of contracting any dangerous and problematic medical eye conditions.

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