Is ShadesDaddy.com Authentic? – Review and Process Post

One of the things we do a lot on this blog is Q&A. We try to find questions consumers are most interested in knowing, (when it comes to sunglasses and eyewear,) and create post because we pride ourselves in being an authority in what we do and where consumers can get most of their answers to questions about eyewear, etc.

One question we see floating around the internet a bit, the million dollar question: IS SHADESDADDY.COM AUTHENTIC? ARE THEIR SUNGLASSES REAL?

I thought we would take a moment to actually answer this and put it in writing in a post in hopes that if you are searching for this on Google, you’ll stumble upon this – direct FROM US. Why would you trust us? Because, if we weren’t a legit, great company – we wouldn’t be around as long as we have – and will continue to be.

We don’t want to make this post long but feel it’s important to really make sure we get your doubt out of the way so you can feel secure with your purchase.



We guarantee authenticity of all products we ship to our customers. We work directly with the largest distributor of sunglasses in the world, Luxottica. If we don’t have a direct relationship with the manufacturing company of the sunglasses (and brand,) which we don’t for every single brand we carry, then we make sure our vendors are legitimate and product we choose to purchase to sell is authentic.

Sometimes, customers may feel they got a fake / replica product (and not just from us,) from the web in general because, for example, a pair of Ray-Ban might say made in China. Well, unfortunately, Ray-Ban started manufacturing in China (and I say unfortunately because…,) this has caused great confusion with consumers over the past few years and don’t understand the nature of manufacturing sunglasses and some brands moving their manufacturing abroad.

Again, we do not control where sunglasses are being made but do guarantee authenticity and promise you, our customer, you are safely purchasing a pair of authentic sunglasses when you purchase from ShadesDaddy.com – we have a great reputation with authenticity.


No company is perfect. We make our share of mistakes as a company that’s growing. We strive to provide our customers with the best customer service possible but we’re human and we make mistakes. We know this. We try to correct any situation in which we feel we made a mistake and we’re honest about this – and pretty transparent – you should see that just from this blog post.

Our promise to our customers is that we’re constantly working to ensure you have a great experience when purchasing from us and any issue that may arise we’re here to help. We know how cool and exciting it is to purchase a new pair of shades – we’re fans of what we do and nothing makes us happier than getting positive feedback and we know and understand this only comes from a great experience shopping from our website.

WE ARE SO EASY TO GET A HOLD OF – unlike many other companies. If you have any questions at all, about our products, our company, etc – please do not hesitate to contact us. We love talking to consumers and our customers. We’re currently one of the largest internet retailers of sunglasses and eyewear – we plan to stay that way and still growing – thanks to our customers.

If you got this far reading this post – THANK YOU.


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