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Why Wear Sunglasses During Winter?

When we think of sunglasses the first images that come to our heads is sunny, sandy beaches. Therefore when winter strolls along we think the sun isn’t very strong and leave the sunglasses behind. In all reality, wearing sunglasses is important in both summer and winter.

It is more critical to wear sunglasses during winter though; even when the day is hazy this time of year possesses more danger to damaging your eyes. The reason for it being more damaging is due to the glare reflected from the snow by the sun.

According to Chad Christenson who is president of MOA (Minnesota Optometric Association) and an eye doctor in Cambridge Minnesota. The reason why eyewear during winter is more important is because of the glare reflected from the sun, you are getting UV rays hitting your eye from below and above.

“UV glare or snow glare is especially dangerous during hazy sun conditions because people don’t think they need sunglasses. In fact, there is risk of up to 85 percent of UV rays being reflected upward and that leads to sunburn of the yes or photokeratitis. And UV rays damage is cumulative so they are thought to contribute to eye diseases such as macular degeneration and cataracts.” Chad Christenson MOA President

People, who are outdoor enthusiast, have to keep snow blindness (photokeratitis) in mind. Snow blindness is simply sunburn of the cornea and it is extremely discomforting.

The symptoms normally occur a number of hours later and typically go away within 36 hours, the constriction of the pupil may last more in some cases. The symptoms include the eye tearing up a lot, pain, sensitivity to light and you feel like you have sand in the eyes.

In conclusion eyewear protection is vital during the winter time, whether you are skiing or just walking around the town.

sunglasses during winter

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