What’s The Difference Between Green Sunglass Lenses vs Brown Sunglass Lenses?

green and brown sunglass lensesAs sunglasses have become a major style and fashion accessory, people are more than eager to try out new, interesting and dashing designs and styles, to enjoy the fun associated with the cool ornament. Brands and companies are continuously introducing new and highly sophisticated sunglass designs, to cater to the rapidly increasing demand for the style accessory.

While serving their purpose of being a highly popular accessory with every outfit, sunglasses also fulfill their original function of providing suitable protection to the eyes, from the glares and penetration of ultra violet light through the sunglass lenses. The advancement in technology and the use of various methods, employed to improve the protection provided by the sunglasses, has resulted in the introduction of various lens coatings and tints in the industry.

The variety of lens tints available in the industry, have resulted in an extensive portfolio of colors exclusively designed to ensure better visibility, protection and penetration of adequate light through the lens, for a comfortable user experience.

Different sunglass lens tints have been designed with an eye to ensure proper visibility to sports enthusiasts, professional athletes, players, cyclists, drivers, fishermen, and a large collection of other individuals,  who have special needs and requirements for unobstructed visibility, which is ensured by these lenses.

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Variety of Sunglasses Lens Tints

The different lens tints popularly used by individuals for everyday and professional use are numerous, each with a special specific purpose, to offer better vision to its user. From the regular gray and black tinted sunglass lenses, there are now amber, brown, green, rose, yellow, copper, bronze, red, orange and blue tints available in the market, to answer the specific needs of the various users.

Green Sunglass Lenses

Green sunglass lenses are used by golf and baseball players and professionals, as they offer heightened contrast for better protection and visibility, as well as good color balance of the surroundings for better coordination with the environment.

The green and gray tinted lens are considered to be neutral, as they do not distort the vision and offer the user a good sense of different colors in his surroundings. Their preferred use by golfers and baseball players is due to of the ability of the lens to provide a mild contrast with suitable color balance. The green lenses are more favorably used in medium to bright light outdoor conditions, to enjoy good vision.

Brown Sunglass Lenses

Brown tinted sunglass lenses are ideal for individuals who engage in different sports and activities like, cycling, fishing, hunting and skiing etc. and require high quality effective protection from the ultra violet rays of the sun. The brown tinted lenses ensure the complete elimination of blue light, from filtering through the sunglass lens, which ascertains complete protection of the eyes from all harmful effects.

The brown or bronze tinted lenses also offer a lot of contrast, which assists the users to enjoy better visibility of their surroundings, while engaged in sports or other outdoor activities. Brown lens tints are used especially for outdoor conditions which offer medium to very bright light. These lenses ensure better visibility and protection in such surroundings.

The green and brown tint sunglass lenses are used for various purposes, by professionals as well as regular individuals.

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