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What’s The Difference Between RB3016 and RB2156 Ray-Ban Clubmasters?

One of the most popular Ray-Ban sunglasses is the Clubmasters which is a very classic, chic style that has been around for a very long time. The Ray-Ban Clubmasters can really give you a great classic look and they are for casual use as well as having them as a luxury frame. Made from Acetate, they have a great look and feel.

Ray-Ban RB3016 Clubmasters

ray ban rb3016 clubmaster

The Ray-Ban Clubmaster RB3016 is the most popular, classic Clubmaster. The RB3016 currently comes in two different lens sizes, 49mm and 51mm. The most popular of the RB3016 are the black and tortoise frame which the black is W0365 and the tortoise W0366 (codes after the RB3016.) The RB3016 is also offered in polarized in the black frame.

Bridge Size: 21mm

Temple Size: 140mm


Ray-Ban RB2156 Clubmasters

ray ban rb2156 clubmaster

The Ray-Ban Clubmaster RB2156 is the smaller of the Clubmaster collection. What makes these very unique is that they come in two-tone colors, but not all of them, of course. The main difference between the RB3016 and RB2156 is the size of the frame. The RB2156 is the smaller of the two and only comes in a 49mm lens size. This sunglass has shallower curves.

Bridge Size: 21mm

Temple Size: 140mm

OK, so you found out a bit more information on the difference between these two Ray-Ban Clubmasters, right? Check out our collection of Ray-Ban Clubmasters now!

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