Why Are Polarized Sunglasses Better For Your Eyes?

What do you wear sunglasses for? Is it only for the purpose of making a style statement or do you really care about your eyes? If you agree with the latter, polarized lenses should be at the top of your priority checklist while selecting sunglasses. There are a number of myths and benefits associated with polarized sunglasses. Here are a few to help you understand the importance of polarized lenses in maintaining your eye health.

why are polarized lenses better

What Is The Function Of Polarized Sunglasses?

Polarized sunglasses work as a shield between the environment and your eye. These are responsible for blocking out harmful light rays which includes UVA, UVB, UVC, and other similar wavelengths that can create discomfort for the eyes. It may even cause lasting damage if not blocked out sufficiently. This damage may surface as partial or total blindness and/or a number of eye-related diseases.

In addition to blocking out certain wavelengths, the polarized sunglasses are also responsible for reducing glare and therefore assist in clearing vision. They are ideal for use during bright sunny days where light reflection and refraction occurs widely. However, their use need not be restricted to certain environmental conditions only.

Benefits of Polarized Sunglasses

There are innumerable benefits of using polarized lenses in your sunglasses. These make your sunglasses more than just a fashion accessory. Here are a few to help you understand the favors it does to you and your eyes.

  • It improves visual comfort. The sunlight reflecting off different surfaces can prove to be extremely distracting and may cause eye strain over prolonged periods of time. This is quite evident during bright summer days. Polarized sunglasses help avoid this unnecessary strain by eliminating glare and reflection. So you can walk outdoors with ease without having to shield your eyes with hands every now and then.
  • It improves contrast and visual clarity. In extreme environments, it may become difficult to see and comprehend the line of distinction between different objects. Common examples of such environments include underwater situation and extremely snowy weather. Polarized sunglasses can play an important role in helping you see properly in such conditions. This is possible because when glare is minimized, objects automatically come into better clearer view.
  • It reduces the possibility of damages to your eye. If your retina is exposed to extreme and unfavorable light wavelengths, it may cause the cells to become impaired and lose their utility. The risk of such damage exists at all times whenever you step outdoors, even during the cloudy winter days. It is exceptionally pronounced while driving as you do not have the option of shielding your eyes in any other way. Polarized sunglasses ensure excessive light does not enter your eye by either reflecting it off the surface of the lens or by absorbing it.

While Buying Sunglasses…

Light does not fall on the eye in a specific direction. It is therefore advised to purchase those sunglasses that have broad arms. This blocks the light falling at the side of your face that may prove to be discomforting as well. Polarized sunglasses ensure a 360 degree safety for your eyes.


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